Akiko Wada

Akiko Wada | 和田 アキ子 | ワダ アキコ | わだ あきこ

Name in Japanese: 和田 アキ子, ワダ アキコ, わだ あきこ

Birth name: Bok Ja Kim

AKA: Akko, Ako, Akko-Chan

Instruments: Vocals

Born: April 10, 1950 (age 68)

Years Active: 1968 - Present

Akiko Wada is a whole lotta woman. A unique character, she has been described alternately as a Japanese Aretha Franklin, Carol Burnett, and Foghorn Leghorn, and perhaps she is a bit of all three and then some. Wada was born in Osaka April 10, 1949 to Korean parents as Kim Bok Ja, which was Japanized into Kaneumi Fukuko. Her father was a heavy drinker, involved in various businesses (including black market trade), who kept three wives, of which Wada's mother was the third. Wada grew up fast, tough,...

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Akiko Wada In The Pouring Rain 和田 アキ子


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