Base Ball Bear

Base Ball Bear | ベースボールベアー | べーすぼーるべあー

Name in Japanese: ベースボールベアー, べーすぼーるべあー

AKA: Bebobe, BBB

Years Active: 2001 - Present

Figuring out Japanese band nomenclature can be frustrating, and Base Ball Bear is a case in point. It seems that the band's four members really liked a song by Japanese female singer Chocolat called "Baseball and E. Presley", so they decided to use "baseball" as part of the band's name. The "bear" part has no special meaning. You figure it out. BBB comprises guitarist/vocalist Yusuke Koide, who's from Atsugi, in Kanagawa Prefecture; bassist Shiori Sekine - the only...

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Base Ball Bear - Tokyo Pyramid 東京ピラミッド

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