Chara | チャラ | ちゃら

Name in Japanese: チャラ, ちゃら

Birth name: Miwa Sato ( 佐藤 美和, さとう みわ)

Instruments: Vocals, Piano/Keyboards, Drums

Born: January 13, 1968 (age 50)

Member: Mean Machine

With her wild earthy look and distinctive voice, Chara is one of the most easily identifiable artists on the music scene. Making music that is at the same time innocent and mature, clean and dirty, Chara's sound is an unfiltered reflection of what's going on inside, pretty much incomparable to any music by western contemporaries. Interested in music and fashion since she was a small girl, Chara recorded a demo and sent it off to CBS/Sony in 1990. The tape landed her a deal with Epic records,...

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