Cocco | コッコ | こっこ

Name in Japanese: コッコ, こっこ

Birth name: Tomoko Makishi ( 真喜志 智子, マキシ トモコ, まきし ともこ)

AKA: Acchan, Hime

Born: January 19, 1977 (age 41)

Years Active: 1997 - 2001; 2006 - Present

One of the more enigmatic figures on the Japanese popular music scene, Cocco juxtaposes a girlish voice with emotionally complex, often disquieting subject matter, wrapping it up in an eccentric, fragile persona. Born Tomoko Makishi in Okinawa in 1977, Cocco got her nickname from her sister, eventually taking it as her stage name. She released her 1996 eponymous debut EP on Victor's Speedstar Records imprint to minimal fanfare, but caught a break when Tower Records chose the track "Sing...

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Cocco 強く儚い者たち PV


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