J | ジェイ | じぇい

Name in Japanese: ジェイ, じぇい

Birth name: Jun Onose ( 小野瀬 潤, オノセ ジュン, おのせ じゅん)

Instruments: Bass

Born: August 12, 1970 (age 48)

Years Active: 1997 - 1997; 2001 - Present

Member: Luna Sea

Jun Onose (小野瀬 潤), or J, is the former bassist of the Japanese band Luna Sea. He was born August 12, 1970. He still plays bass, but also sings lead vocals in his own band. His website domain is an acronym of his favorite phrase "Wake Up Mother Fucker!".

In 1997, J put out his first solo work, a single called Burn Out, which contained the title song and a cover of "Call Me", originally by Blondie. Since 1997, J has had prominent...

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