Yo Hitoto

Yo Hitoto | 一青 窈 | ヒトト ヨウ | ひとと よう

Name in Japanese: 一青 窈, ヒトト ヨウ, ひとと よう

Born: September 20, 1976 (age 42)

Born in 1976 to a Taiwanese father and Japanese mother, popular singer Yo Hitoto spent most of her pre-kindergarten life in Taiwan. After the unfortunate death of her father to lung cancer, Hitoto moved back to Japan with her mother and older sister, where the family found solace in music. Tragedy struck again when Hitoto was sixteen with the death of her mother, after which she was brought up by her sister. Despite the setbacks, Hitoto was a top student, and was admitted to the prestigious...

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