The Golden Rule

  • Be respectful of the work of others, and the site overall. This site is for everyone, and it takes cooperation and mutual respect to make it succeed.

Creating Artist Profiles

  • Profiles should only be created for bands that were were/are either founded or active in Japan, with music for sale through standard Japanese retail channels.  Your cousin's band that practices in the garage on weekends may be good, but unless it meets the above requirements, please don't create a profile on Nippop.
  • Profiles should be written in clear English with no spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Profiles should be written in the third person, and should be objective and neutral in tone. If you're not sure about how to write a profile, read through these guidelines carefully and browse the site for examples.
  • You are free to copy from Wikipedia, or any other GDFL-licensed source, as long as you strip out any links before submitting.  Don't forget to credit the source by name (just type Wikipedia or the name of the site) and add the URL in the boxes provided.  All submitted content remains copyright of the author, and is licensed under the GDFL. 
  • All song titles should be surrounded by quotes (ex: "song title").
  • All multi-song releases (album, single, etc.), movies, television programs, and books should be in italics (ex: album title).
  • No links, internal or external, are allowed in the profile text.  Links should only be entered in the designated "website" fields.
  • With the exception of fields that specifically call for Japanese, all entries should be in English.
  • The profile you write may not appear on the site immediately.  Depending on permission levels, approval may be required, and this can take a day or two.  If you don't see your profile right away, just chill.
  • Some profiles may not be approved due to substandard writing, accuracy issues, or other reasons.  Remember, elevate.

Editing and Updating Artist Profiles

  • You can edit and update existing artist profiles, but keep in mind that any edits should be to improve the quality and usefulness of a profile.
  • Be respectful when updating profiles.  You don't want anybody trashing your work, and the same applies to others as well.

Other Artist Content

  • You can add a lot more than profiles to Nippop, including images, videos, tags, and other relevant artist data.  As with profiles, please only add data that is relevant and appropriate.
  • In addition to adding artist data, you can add data about yourself, including your favorite artists.  The more you input regarding your tastes, the higher the relevancy of what you see on the site.


  • Quotation marks: Quotation marks should be used for song titles, as well as any direct quotes.
  • Italics: Italics should be used for all multi-song releases (album, single, etc.), movies, television programs, and books.
  • Capitalization: Do not use all caps unless you are entering an artist name for which all caps is the standard rendering.  Some artists (hitomi, for example) always render their names using all lower case letters.  In this case, you may follow the standard and use lower case.  ]
  • Indenting: It is not necessary to indent at the start of a paragraph, or anywhere else on the site.  All paragraphs should be in block formet.

Romanization of Japanese Words

  • Use the standard rendering for words (primarily personal and place names) when it exists.
  • Do not use a double vowel, macron, circumflex, or any other rendering for long vowels o and u.  For example, when referring to the largest city in Japan, it should be spelled Tokyo, not Tōkyō, Tohkyoh, Toukyou, or any other variation.
  • The long vowel e is written ei.
  • The long vowel i is written ii.
  • Double consonants should be used for double consonant sounds except in the case of labial consonants (see below).
  • Do not use the rendering m before labial consonants.  You should use n.  It is still written n' (with an apostrophe) before vowels and y.  Examples: annai 案内, kin'en 禁煙, gunma 群馬

Flagging Inappropriate Content

  • If you find inappropriate content, flag it or contact us directly through the contact form.  Note that you must be logged in to flag content.  This minimizes the amount of malicious, unproductive comments, and allows us to focus on real issues.